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How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are extremely tiny pests with the uncanny ability to go months at a time without being detected. This stealthy invader has grown so adept at hiding that most people never even suspect their homes have been invaded until it is too late. And by too late, we mean that the infestation is so great it requires an extensive pest management approach. As far as removal goes, our teams are versatile enough to handle whatever comes their way. The ideal, however, is to hit the infestation as early as possible. This is when the numbers will be down, and the bugs will likely be confined to one room.

When the bed bugs spread out and the numbers grow, it further complicates the problem. This sounds good and all, but the problem is finding that infestation when the numbers are lower. Of course, this is a more difficult task. Therefore, our pest management teams are always testing and utilizing the latest technologies and tools. We combine them with tried and tested methods to deliver the most effective approach possible.

If bed bugs are present in the home, they will no doubt be in the bedroom. Ninety percent of infestations take place in the bedroom because it provides quick and easy access to their food sources. As a result, our approach begins in the bedroom. The key to a bed bug detection and elimination is not to spread the bugs. This is where most homeowners make their first and most crucial mistake. When they discover the bedroom is infested, they move to another room. Unfortunately, this is not the best approach as the bugs will just follow.

Instead, you should get our expert on the line immediately. We offer satisfaction guarantees along with cutting-edge detection methods to deliver the best possible pest management service. We can answer any questions you have, but there is only so much we can do from behind a desk. Therefore, our next recommendation is to get our professionals on the property to properly assess the situation.

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