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Mosquito season is always a frightening time in Manitoba. Whether you plan on enjoying your new grill with the neighbors or hitting the backcountry, you’ll encounter a run-in with these frequent flyers. Unfortunately, Manitoba residents have always had to fear the termite. However, with the potential for spreading of lethal bacterium and diseases today, this insect could only make a bad situation all that much worse. With years of experience battling mosquitoes, we must be completely honest. That honesty starts with informing you it is impossible to eliminate the threat of the mosquito.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there aren’t things that can’t be done to lower your chances of an encounter. This is especially true in and around your property. One should never feel like they are in danger in their home. And that’s exactly what our trained staff is here to help with. It certainly won’t be an easy task, even for us. Therefore, we are constantly evolving and adapting our mosquito plans.

We vow to keep our techs in a perpetual learning state. We make them attend yearly reeducation classes. Along with this, we jump on any opportunity to take advantage of any new technology. As a result, we have padded our arsenals with a handful of eco-friendly treatment solutions. To start protecting yourself from the mosquito, you need to learn more about the diseases they carry and how they transmit them.

Some of the more well-known diseases that these troublesome flyers transmit are Encephalitis, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue, and the ever-infamous West Nile Virus. What makes the mosquito so dangerous is that it is a vector. This means that when it feeds on an infected human or animal, the mosquito’s body can vector that disease and hold it dormant until it feeds again. When the mosquito feeds again on an unsuspecting host, it will pass that newly acquired disease on. It does this by passing the germs through its salivary glands to the blood of the host.

Regardless, the process sounds frightening and should be rightly considered so. We like to maintain an open-door policy and want our customers to feel they can contact us anytime about anything. Whether you want to learn more about the transmission of diseases or the diseases themselves, you can call us at our Winnipeg office.

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