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Steam Treatment

Lately in Winnipeg, there’s been a lot of talk about bed bug treatments. This likely has something to do with the fact that the bug has gone from a nuisance to a rampant problem in what seems like overnight. Everywhere you turn, there’s a report of an active infestation. Regardless of what many believe, every home is susceptible to the wrath of these unwanted invaders. Just because you keep a clean, organized home, it does not mean these bugs will pass you up and head to your neighbor’s dirtier, more cluttered home.

In addition to this, once the pest has invaded, it has now become harder than ever to eliminate them. They’ve honed and adapted their survival skills to the point where it is surreal. This is just one of the reasons everyone is talking about steam treatments nowadays.

Will Steam Kill Bed Bugs

Indeed, you better believe steam is a very effective form of heat treatment that kills bed bugs on contact. It won’t just kill bed bugs, but when utilized properly, it’ll kill a whole host of unwanted invaders. Not only this, but it kills them during all stages of life. That being said, the process, as effective as it is, is not as simple as directing a shot of steam into a particular area.

To start, one must apply the right amount of heat to a specific area for a specific period. Secondly, temperatures do play a major role. The higher the heat, the more effective the treatment. However, one must be careful about how much heat they are utilizing and where they are directing it. There is always not only the risk of damaging property in the home, but the risk of physical harm is real.

Therefore, it is always wise to seek the assistance of professionals like us who are familiar with these specialized machines and techniques. Our techs have not only been trained extensively with these machines, but they’ve used them to treat real infestations.

How Steam Kills Bed Bugs

Given the novelty of the steam treatment, you’ll probably get wildly various opinions when researching. One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the treatment is how it works. Many people don’t realize that it is the actual heat responsible for the eradication of the bugs, not the steam. Steam is just the way that the heat is transferred. And there are several reasons why steam is chosen for this purpose.

It is one of the most effective ways to transfer heat across large areas at once. In addition to this, it can literally go where other treatments can’t. Because of its vaporous properties, this treatment can be applied to cracks and crevices. It can reach behind wallpaper, and it can even safely be applied around edibles. People still oftentimes utilize a variety of heat methods to eradicate these troublesome guests.

For instance, a lot of homeowners are choosing the DIY method of washing their clothes in hot water followed up by a drying cycle on the highest heat settings. This can effectively eradicate bed bugs as well. However, this method is still not as effective as steam because it’ll only work in specific situations. Steam is the more versatile options, as it can be used in a wide range of situations.

Still, steam can be dangerous and ineffective in the wrong hands. Therefore, it is a process best left in the hands of experienced pros. We have a tech standing by right now ready to schedule your in-home consultation to find out if your property is applicable for this type of treatment. All you must do is pick up the phone and call!

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