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Carpenter Ants

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Carpenter ants are regularly found in our area. Although you can crush them, dealing with an infestation isn’t so easy. Once hundreds or thousands of carpenter ants invade your home, it is best to contact a professional exterminator. Remember that we’re eager to help. We offer full-scale pest control services to commercial and residential clients. Plus, we can eliminate a handful of pests including carpenter ants. These pests can travel through your yard without being detected until it is too late. Learn more about carpenter ants by reading the guide below.

Spotting Carpenter Ant Infestations

You need to know how to identify a carpenter ant infestation. First and foremost, you should look for large, black ants in your home. Besides looking for the ants, you should search your home for sawdust piles and trails. Since these pests will tear through wood objects, they’ll leave sawdust behind. Don’t forget to check your home and property for winged swarmer ants. If you find swarmer carpenter ants around your home, call us immediately.

What Causes Carpenter Ant Infestations?

Carpenter ants build colonies in old, decaying wood. Then, they’ll work diligently to ensure that the colony thrives. Once the colony is in good shape, the carpenter ants will try to move to new wood. For instance, they’ll move to your property. Typically, carpenter ant colonies near residential structures are satellite colonies. Although these ants want to be inside, they will not hesitate to enter your home to obtain food.

Are Carpenter Ants Deadly?

Thankfully, carpenter ants aren’t deadly or dangerous. Nevertheless, they’ll cause other problems. They’ll damage your home and wood belongings.

Ways To Eliminate Carpenter Ants

There are numerous ways to eliminate carpenter ants. Still, the best solution is teaming up with a qualified professional. Doing so will guarantee that you receive access to safe, reliable solutions. Call our office and we’ll deal with the infestation for you.

Are DIY Methods Reliable?

Certain do-it-yourself methods can kill carpenter ants. Nevertheless, we do not recommend using them. If you do, you may inadvertently expose yourself and your loved ones to dangerous chemicals. Furthermore, many of these methods are ineffective.

When Can You Begin?

After you’ve called our office, you can expect us to call you back within 48 hours.

Safe Solutions

We strive to provide our clients with the safest solutions. Our technicians have been trained extensively. Therefore, they know how to use these products while protecting everyone. Plus, they’re trained to use products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. These products work, yet they’re safe. Call us to learn more about the techniques we use to keep you safe.

Preventing Carpenter Ant Invasions

Make sure that your exterior walls are fully sealed. If you do this, carpenter ants won’t find a way to enter your dwelling.

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