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Heat Treatment

Heat is just another of the various forms of pest control methods being used to treat bed bugs these days. Heat is unique, as it can be utilized in a variety of ways. It can be compressed into steam and sprayed into areas where there are suspected infestations. It can also be used to raise the temperature in a certain room to a specific degree. Both methods offer the same results, dead bed bugs.

These innovative forms of heat treatments won’t just kill bed bugs, but they’ll kill about any unwanted invader. They’ll also eradicate the bugs during all stages of life. Eggs, larvae, nymphs, or adults. You can say goodbye to all of them by taking advantage of heat treatments. While this all might sound simple, eradicating bugs with heat is much more complicated than you’d ever imagine. Therefore, the complicated procedure is best left to a professional pest management firm.

We’d like to take the time to explain to our Manitoba customers how our bed bug heat treatments work. You’ll see that they are the top choice when compared to the competition.

How Our Thermal Heat Treatments Work

First, we’d like to take the time to reiterate how our treatments work. As was mentioned above, there are several methods of heat treatments that can be used to successfully kill bed bugs. However, it is the thermal heat that we recommend above all. We truly believe it is the most effective option and so will you after seeing this information.

This treatment works by raising the temperature in the home to a specific degree F. We usually like to only raise the temperature in the rooms where the suspected infestations lie. We also typically raise the temperatures anywhere between 160- and 180-degrees F and adjust accordingly. This is accomplished by utilizing special heat machines. These machines are installed strategically in rooms with suspected infestations.

With that being said, the key here is not just reaching the desired temperatures but maintaining them. If there are too many variations during the treatment, it will be rendered ineffective. Therefore, we also install special monitors that allow us to maintain and adjust temperatures as needed. We like to maintain the desired temperatures for a time duration no shorter than 90 minutes. This should be enough to ensure complete eradication.

The Most Effective Option

We are a major advocator for thermal heat treatment because we honestly believe it is the most effective form of treatment available. Not only this, but it is the safest. There are no chemicals involved with the process. There is no spraying of any substances anywhere. It is simply just a matter of raising and maintaining the heat in a specific area. This means that residents can reenter the property immediately after treatment is complete.

This treatment is also perfect when there are a lot of items that can’t be removed. For instance, our techs don’t have to worry about moving or relocating heavy machinery or other bulky items. The heat simply penetrates the needed surfaces and kills bugs on contact. That being said, this type of treatment can damage some items. Those items will be identified and removed from the property by our administering techs.

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In addition to this, we offer satisfaction guarantees. We’ll always go above and beyond to make sure every Winnipeg citizen has a smile on his or her face. Whether you are interested in heat treatments, traditional treatments, or just want more information about bed bugs, you can give us a call. We always have specialist standing by in our Winnipeg office to field any concerns.

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