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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away

Essential OilsBedbugs are becoming a mainstream problem these days. As a result more consumers are seeking preventive means for these unwanted invaders. This is ideal and something our pest management experts always suggest. Whenever possible, it is best to prevent a bed bug infestation. Keeping the bedbugs confined and the numbers down goes a long way.

All that being said, this is, unfortunately, a task more difficult than most would ever imagine. The biggest reason for this is because these bugs have evolved. They’ve had to adapt as a means of survival. All in all, what it comes down to is people seeking new, innovative means for dealing with the invaders. One such ideal that’s been thrown around as of late is the utilization of specific scents and oils.

The United States Department of Agriculture even got interested in this theory at one time. One specific scent that’s become extremely popular as of late is the bed bug nymph pheromone. Repellent manufacturers have started adding it in specific products. It has proven quite effective as well.

Likely one of the reasons for this is because the pheromone was specifically designed to repel bed bugs. Adult male bed bugs are notorious breeders. When breeding season comes calling, they will breed with any bedbug in sight, including the nymph bed bug. This is a situation the nymph had much rather avoid. This is where the pheromone comes in. These bugs naturally secret this pheromone as a means of protection. Adult males are naturally deterred by this pheromone. While the scent is an effective repellent, you must keep in mind that it only offers so much protection.

It’s only designed to deter adult males. As far as other bugs go, this scent will be ineffective. Regardless, this is why it pays to know more chemically about the scents and products you are considering as repellents. There are a handful of essential oils that have proven to be effective deterrents, but they still only offer so much protection. It honestly comes down to being versatile. The bed bug is a versatile pest, and it will likely take a multitude of approaches and tools to effectively deter them.

One of the most underutilized tools available today is the pest management professional. Homeowners tend to overlook the fact that our pest management specialists are walking libraries of knowledge. They’ve been in the bed bug industry for years and have the knowledge and experience in such situations. Whether it is a preventive approach you need help with or elimination methods, feel free to give our office a call.

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