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Box Elder Bugs

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Boxelder bugs are common overwintering pests in our city. They’re small, black, and feed on certain trees. In most cases, they only reach half an inch in length. While they’ll feed on boxelder trees, they also eat maple trees and cherry trees.

Why Are Boxelder Bugs In Your Home?

Boxelder bugs are going to enter your home because they’re trying to escape the incoming cold weather. They cannot tolerate frigid temperatures. Therefore, they’ll enter your home through small holes and gaps. Once they’ve snuck inside, they’re not going to move until they detect warmer temperatures outside.

How Dangerous Are Boxelder Bugs?

Thankfully, boxelder bugs do not pose a health risk to you or your loved ones. They’re not dangerous or destructive.

Eliminating A Pack Of Box Elder Bugs

You might be able to eliminate boxelder bugs using other methods, but it is best to hire a professional. Working with a professional ensures that you’ll receive access to highly reliable products. Plus, you’ll be protected during each phase of the treatment process. Call us to get started.

Do You Need A Professional?

You may believe you can fix the problem on your own. You could, but you might not. Some of these techniques are too difficult to use. Others are downright dangerous. Since the risks are grave, it is generally best to work with a qualified exterminator. Call our office so we can fix the problem for you promptly.

We’re Always Ready

Remember that our technicians are always ready to help. After your call, we’ll contact you back within 24 to 48 hours.

EPA-Approved Treatments

We always want to keep our clients safe. Therefore, we would never use dangerous products. Instead, we use the safest products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The products we use have been tested extensively for effectiveness and safeness. When you rely on our services, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be okay.

Preventing Boxelder Bug Infestations

It is wise to keep these pests out of your home. Doing so will help you avoid future headaches. Make sure your outer walls are sealed before winter arrives. Do that and these pests won’t find a way to invade your residence.

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