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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

If you’ve recently discovered a bed bug infestation on your property, you’ve no doubt been overwhelmed by the vastitude of tools available for detection and elimination. As soon as you discovered the infestation, you probably hit the Internet and started researching relentlessly. While there is nothing wrong with this, you must remember that the Internet is also filled with misinformation and misconceptions.

This is especially true when it comes to the bed bug mattress cover. A wonderful product when in the right hands. However, there is such a fine line with products like these. It honestly doesn’t take much to render them ineffective. Therefore, it is best to enter the endeavor as informed as possible.

Understanding The Bed Bug Mattress Protector

It won’t be long before you notice that these products are referred to by various names. We’ve already called them bed bug mattress covers, while another expert might refer to them as encasements. You’ll even see them called bed bug toppers or a combination of the names. All in all, you need to know that we all refer to the same product.

A product that is nothing more than a big sheet of plastic, engulfing your mattress. The entire theory behind a product like this is to trap existing bed bugs in the mattress while preventing new ones from taking up residence there. Simply think of a big suitcase for your mattress. The mattress is the number one chosen hiding place for the bed bug. They like to hide in the corners, under the tags, and in the stitching, where they’ll be discreet, but close enough to feed with little effort.

When you are asleep and unsuspecting, they’ll creep out and feed on you. The mattress cover prevents this, making it one of the most pertinent and effective tools available today. 

Without a meal, it only takes two weeks before this uninvited guest starts to die off. When utilized properly, these products are not only great elimination tools, but they make excellent preventive measures.

Choosing The Right Cover For Your Home

When you look at it, the bed bug mattress cover is as necessary today as the doorbell camera. That being said, it is just as popular. That’s why when you go to choose one, you’ll notice that the market is oversaturated. Once again, knowing this information will play in your favor in the end.

It Must Fully Encase The Mattress

What good would a suitcase be if it didn’t hold all your clothes? It would be proven ineffective. This theory applies to the bed bug cover as well. The mattress cover you choose must fully engulf your mattress.

It Must Offer A Quality Seal

Just because a mattress cover engulfs your mattress, it doesn’t mean it’ll protect it entirely. Without a proper seal, bed bugs could still escape from the mattress, feed on you, and return. Therefore, you’ll want to choose a product that seals properly. Look for ones with quality zipper mechanisms, reinforced seams, and additional zipper seals.

It Must Have Been Tested

Never choose a product that hasn’t been tested. Even better, make sure the product was third-party tested. This prevents the company from skewing its own test results. Either way, a tested mattress tells you the product has been tried in a real infestation.

Is It Equipped With Toxins?

When searching, you’ll notice that some mattress covers include additional chemicals. These chemicals can be effective, but they are also potentially dangerous. Remember, you are utilizing these products in an enclosed space. Exposing yourself to these chemicals in such an environment could be extremely dangerous. Take all necessary precautions when considering these products.

Are Mattress Covers Really Effective?

You’ll hear various people say different things about bed bug toppers. Part of the reason for this is because it doesn’t take much to render them ineffective. For instance, a simple improper installation could take one of the best products and make it seem ineffective. A tiny rip or tear will do the same.

It is usually best to consult our pest control experts when dealing with these and similar products. We have qualified specialists who can advise you regarding these products. Whether you have questions or want more information, our doors are always open! All you must do is call.

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