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Professional Residential Pest Control Winnipeg Manitoba

There is nothing worse than thinking pests have overtaken your home. This disturbing thought can result in anxiety, paranoia, and insomnia, in many cases. If you believe pests are no problem, you should think again. Hundreds of the nearly 70,000 pest species are surrounding your residential establishment right now. At any moment, your home could become a target. This is especially true for homes with vulnerable pest barriers. What is a residential pest barrier? A pest barrier is a term utilized in reference to the varying structural components responsible for keeping pests out of your home. Doors, windows, walls, ceilings, roofing systems, and floors are just a few examples. Once these components are damaged due to years of normal wear and tear, you and your home can become victimized by pests.

What Is Residential Pest Control?

Residential pest control specifically targets household pests and other insect species. It cannot be stressed enough, the importance of quick, appropriate action when dealing with a home pest infestation. As a pest control companies with decades of combined experience in the Winnipeg industry, we believe the appropriate action is an initial inspection. Our professional pest inspection specifically targets the signs of home infiltration. When pests infiltrate a residential establishment, most do not plan on leaving. It will be up to you to make them leave.

How Does Residential Pest Control Work?

Our residential pest control works by driving pests out. We utilize custom treatments that are guaranteed to offer a higher level of effectiveness, compared to basic and standard treatments. Our custom pest control strategies are based on evidence gathered by the exterminator during the pest inspection. If the evidence supports a full-blown pest infestation, the strategy will be geared toward full extermination.

Each new case begins with a pest inspection by one of our licensed exterminators. With the inspection evidence in hand, the exterminator will then begin to develop a custom treatment strategy. We firmly believe a custom residential pest management treatment will offer a full eradication of all pest species in the shortest duration.

Are Household Pests A Health Risk To Humans?

Some household pest species are extremely dangerous to humans. These include the cockroach, rat, mouse, ant, and fly. Other species of pests that pose health risks are the mosquito, which has scientifically been linked to various diseases. Mosquito-borne illnesses include the Dengue virus, Eastern Equine encephalitis virus, yellow fever, Zika virus, malaria, West Nile virus, and Chikungunya.

Pest species, such as the centipede, ladybug, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug “BMSB”, box elder bug “boxelder” bug, and dust mite are considered nuisance pests, not human health risks.

Then there are parasitic pest species – flea, tick, and bed bug. All these pest species feed on blood from humans and animals. They do not infiltrate homes through access points, but with the help of humans or pests. Travelers are at the highest risk of encountering bed bugs, while animals are at the highest risk of flea and tick encounters.

Do Conventional Pesticide Work For Residential Pest Infestation?

The effectiveness of pesticides depends on several factors, with the main one being potency. It is unfortunate when consumers find themselves struggling to find the right pesticide because their options are limited to over-the counter brands. DIY pesticides are over-the-counter formulas. These pesticides are not suitable for pest infestation, only a few pests. To achieve full extermination of a residential pest infestation, our industrial-grade conventional pesticides are a necessity.

Are All Pesticides Approved By The Canadian EPA?

All pesticides produced and sold within the Canadian borders must be approved by the EPA. The government agency is responsible for the oversight of pesticide sales and manufacturing. To learn more, we recommend reaching out to the EPA. An agent will explain how the pesticide approval process works, which can take months or years to complete.

Our Residential Pest Control Experts

Our Winnipeg pest control team is fully prepared to take on any challenging infestation. Our exterminators are licensed and trained in pesticide safety. Our residential pest management services not only include industrial-strength pesticides but also eco-friendly treatments. These include thermal heat, cryonite, adhesive pest traps, and steam, all of which have been proven effective time and time again.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our Winnipeg customer support to take advantage of our free pest inspection and consultation services.

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