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We humbly welcome you to our official website. There is a pretty good chance that you’ve heard of our pest management company. We’re locally based out of Winnipeg and we serve the province and the surrounding areas. We have been in the industry for a lengthy period of time and our reputation has remained free of blemishes over the years. We work diligently to ensure that our company is able to provide the client with the most satisfactory service humanly possible. If there is anything that we can possibly improve, you can guarantee that we’ll do it.

Our firm strives to be the overall best pest control company in Winnipeg. There are no limits to how far we’ll go for our clients. Below, you will learn a great deal more about us and our services.

Locally Owned And Operated

There are many excellent Winnipeg bed bug exterminators. However, it should be known that only a few are actually locally owned and operated. Our company is and we strongly believe in giving back to the community. Our company is unique, because we’re actually comprised of employees based out of Winnipeg. Our workers were born and raised in Winnipeg and nearby areas. When you team up with our firm, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be treated like a member of the family. You’ll be greeted with a smile and a handshake.

We’ll also do everything possible to provide the client with a low-cost solution that excels beyond what our competitors are willing to offer.

Consistently Improving

Our bed bug extermination company is aware of the fact that bedbugs can evolve very rapidly. They’ve developed tougher shells over the years and this has made them much more difficult to kill with pesticides. Our company understands this wholeheartedly and has taken numerous steps to ensure that we’ll always be able to deliver a reliable solution to the client’s problem. We have consistently research and educated our team to ensure that we’ll be ready for pretty much everything that is thrown our way. Whether you’re dealing with a few minor bugs or thousands of bugs, you can guarantee that we’ll be able to find a solution to the problem.

We have access to the latest technologies, so we can get the job done right with maximum haste.

Why Bed Bugs Are More Active At Night

Bed bugs are not nocturnal, but they do exhibit nocturnal behavior. These insects are more active at night, because this is when the host is sleeping. So, they can feed without being detected by the host. To ensure they remain undetected, the bed bug excretes an enzyme that contains numbing properties. Before injecting the feeding tube into the host’s skin, the bed bug will excrete the enzyme on the skin to make sure it is numb. This way the host does not feel anything, when the feeding tube is injected into the skin.

An adult bed bug can feed for up to five minutes each time. While the adult will typically feed at will, it can go nearly a year without feeding. Young bed bugs must feed more often, because they are still growing.

To avoid detection, bed bugs will typically feed when you are sleeping. Regardless, if you are a day sleeper or night sleeper, bed bugs will feed when you are sleeping. The first sign that points to you being victimized by a bed bug is bug bites. The bug bite will be red, raised and itchy. The bed bug typically bites the host on the face and neck, but will also bite on the arms and hands.

Which Countries Have Reported Bed Bug Sightings

Bed bugs have been a common pest in the United States since the 1990s. Other countries that have reported bed bug sightings include Africa, Europe and Asia. Before the 1990s, bed bugs were seen as a major problem in developing countries. Since they have been spreading at such a rapid pace, more and more sightings have been reported in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Bed bug infestations have been reported in homeless shelters, hotels, buses, dorm rooms, apartment complexes, trains and rooming houses. These insects will typically hide in places, where they will have access to humans.

Devising A Treatment Plan To Fit Your Specific Needs

The real truth of the matter is that bed bugs are one of the trickiest pests on the planet. They like to hide in the smallest places, they only come out when you are sleeping, and they are extremely resilient. With that being said, you might be surprised to learn that there really is no “one stop solution” for every bed bug job. In fact, every job is different and it takes certain treatments for certain households. For instance, your home might require a whole home heat treatment, whereas your neighbors can get away with a pesticide treatment.

Whatever the situation is, our inspectors will evaluate the situation and provide you with a list of your very best treatment options. This ensures you that you are getting the very best and most effective treatment possible.

We Believe In A Thorough Treatment

Our company believes that full treatment of bed bugs require more than just treatment. You need to make sure that you are practicing the right procedures and precautious to ensure that these pests aren’t ever going to come back in the home. This is why we always schedule free follow up reviews with our treatments. Once our techs perform the initial treatment, we will arrive back out at the house a week or two later just to make sure that the issue has been completely resolved.

In addition to this, our techs can provide you with the advice, tools, and knowledge that you need to ensure that your home stays completely bed bug free in the near

Why We’re The Top Exterminator In Winnipeg

When we say that we’re the top bed bug exterminator in Winnipeg, we’re not making an empty statement. We sincerely believe that we are indeed the best. We offer numerous benefits that go well beyond what our competitors are willing to offer. Plus, we will do whatever possible to ensure that the client is satisfied at the end of the day. What puts us above our competitors? Find out below.

  • Our firm offers assurances to the clients. We are happy to deliver quotes and references. With us, there is never a reason to take a risk.
  • We want the client to get a great service for a bargain price. We’ll do our absolute best to ensure you’re able to save money.
  • Our solutions are undeniably effective. Our heat machines can eradicate the bedbugs in a hurry and without putting anyone at risk.
  • We are happy to provide the client with assistance every step of the way. We offer bed bug inspections, consultations, exterminations and more.
  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that the client gets a good solution and a better service.

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