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The Leading Bed Bug Treatment in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Is Only One Call Away

Bed bugs in Winnipeg stand no chance against our winning bed bugs control treatment

Here’s how our bed bug specialists work to help you with a definitive bug removal solution:

  • Our first step is to conduct a free on-site inspection to detect bed bug activity and signs of bed bugs, to identify in detail the type of infestation you have and how exactly we can help.
  • During this inspection, the professional from our team will look for eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bug signs.
  • You will be asked about any bug bite marks that you may have noticed because bed bugs bite and feed off human blood. In fact, they will treat you as their blood meal if you let them.
  • Mattress covers, cracks and crevices, and other mattress and box spring hideouts will receive special attention from our technician. These are typical places where bed bugs hide.
  • Our experts know the complete life cycles of bugs and eggs, they know where they may probably be hiding, depending on the development stages of bed bugs, they can spot bed bug eggs even when no one else could, and they know precisely how bed bug bites look. In other words, they’re trained to spot bed bugs and understand how significant the infestation is, no matter how well these bugs may try to hide.
  • Once our bed bug exterminator has a clear diagnosis and the environmental conditions that allow bed bugs to evolve into an infestation at your place are understood, a plan to control bed bugs is designed.
  • We should say that controlling the environmental conditions that favor bed bugs is extremely important because bed bugs feed off blood and live off certain aspects that, if removed, will make their return far less likely.
  • The plan to prevent bed bugs from going on being a problem and from returning to your place is a thorough proposition with transparent details and an affordable price to help your get rid of bed bugs.
  • Once you accept our proposition to treat bed bugs, whether through chemical treatments, eco-friendly bed bugs heat treatment options, or other types of treatments, we make sure that our intervention kills bed bugs and restores your peace of mind whatever happens.
  • We also want you to know that while many other companies only use heat treatment options, we are committed to choosing, recommending and using the treatment method that we honestly consider more effective(cryonite, steam, conventional)—so we will never pitch ineffective treatments to you.
  • Extra Tip 1: Bed bugs don’t like heat, so drying clothing is a simple and effective way to help keep them away from your bed and bedsheets.
  • Extra Tip 2: If you want to understand better how we eliminate bed bugs and why our bed bug treatments are so effective, you are welcome to check our free bed bug resources education page.

Whether it is a bed bug, rodent, or any other type of pest, we definitely can help!

Our thorough approach and always successful results make us the Bed Bug Exterminator Winnipeg comes to whenever help with bed bug infestations is required.

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Our Pest Control Winnipeg services cover top-quality residential pest control and commercial pest control solutions against any unwanted pests:


Ant ControlPest management services in the City of Winnipeg are frequently asked to put an end to ant infestations. That’s something that our pest control company always does successfully.

Bed BugsBed bug control in Winnipeg is a service that’s always in high demand, in any period of time. These pests are the number one reason why our phones ring, and our highly effective bed bug treatment protocols get people turning to our help all the time.

BeetlesIf you ask our pest control company in Winnipeg, the only good thing about beetles is that, when we force them out, they never come back. Yes, the kind of beetle control in Winnipeg MB that we offer is that good!

Box Elder BugsAre you looking for the best box elder bug treatments in Winnipeg? We have the best integrated pest management solutions available on the market to control these bugs.

Carpenter Ants and Carpenter BeesWe offer a diversified range of pest control methods to kill carpenter bugs of any kind in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

CockroachesCockroaches are a serious problem in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. They can become a very significant problem for your residential or commercial property, and they require knowledgeable and quality pest control services to be effectively removed. The good news is that this is one of the leading services that we offer in the province of Manitoba.

EarwigsOur Winnipeg pest control offices are prepared to swiftly remove these pests from your home.

FleasWhen it comes to fleas and making them disappear, we’re the exterminator Winnipeg calls whenever people in the city want these bugs gone.

LadybugsIf you’re reading this, you know they can become a significant pest issue. However, our services for pest control in Winnipeg are fully designed to get them out of your way, whatever happens.

Rodent ControlDon’t set traps to catch rats and mice. That won’t control an infestation and they’re too smart to fall for that. Whether it is the Norway Rat, the common rat, common mice, or other rodents, our rodent and pest control services in Winnipeg never fail at making them disappear.

Occasional InvadersIf Crickets, Pillbugs, Centipedes, Silverfish, or Cluster flies show up, don’t assume they won’t stay around just because they may only occasionally be seen. If you let them settle down at your place, they’ll become a problem. Call our Winnipeg pest control to get rid of them before controlling becomes too challenging.

Overwintering PestsMoisture control is one of the most essential steps to take to remove overwintering pests. That’s one of the highly effective pest control services that we’re proud to offer.

Pantry PestsIf you’re seeing Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles, Indian Meal Moths, or Cigarette Beetles suddenly getting cozy in your pantry, it’s time to send them to bug hell. Call us if you want to have this kind of assistance.

Spiders, and Black WidowsWe’re the Winnipeg pest control company with the best track record in spider control, so you know who to call if you need help with spiders.

Stinging InsectsIt’s too risky for you to try to remove Yellow Jackets, Paper Wasps, Bald-Faced Hornets, and Honey Bees on your own. Instead, call us to have our stinging insect Exterminator in Winnipeg professionally helping you to completely eliminate them from your home.

Stink BugsDon’t let them stick around and stink—call us for a professional stink bug removal service in Winnipeg.

Mosquito ControlMosquitos are one of the top reasons for people to call our pest control Winnipeg headquarters for professional help to have these insects removed. If they’re becoming a nuisance to you, you can rely on us to make them disappear from your residential or commercial property.


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Free Quote & Inspection

As part of our commitment to transparency and to help you make informed decisions, we offer a free pest library and bug blog that you can take a look at to understand better the pests you’re dealing with. You can also expect to receive a free on-site inspection conducted by an expert from our friendly, knowledgeable staff. Based on that inspection, you will receive a free quote with our proposed treatment plan and its cost.

Affordable and Backed by a Warranty

Our treatments for bed bugs and pest removal in Winnipeg are very reasonably priced because we believe that protecting yourself against Winnipeg bed bug issues and other pest problems is an essential necessity. Our services in Winnipeg MB are also backed by a warranty, to make you feel even safer about hiring us.

Safety First

To us, your safety always comes first. We never use hazardous products for your health, and our knowledgeable staff knows how to eliminate pests while keeping your spaces safe for you and everyone who shares them with you.

Discretion and Convenience

We know that while you need the help of the leading company offering insect control and bug treatments in Winnipeg, you don’t want your neighbors to realize we’re working there. Don’t worry: they won’t. We work in an extremely discrete way.

Fast and Adjusted to Your Schedule

As the pest control company and bed bug exterminator Winnipeg trusts, we always make sure we work around your schedule. We know you’re busy, and we want to make your life better with premium yet affordable pest control and bed bug removal services, so we always adjust to your schedule.

Licensed and Insured

Certain regulations and conditions apply to our industry, and we work in full alignment with these. Our pest control solutions and Bed Bug Removal Winnipeg services are provided by a licensed and insured business that meets every regulatory and industry standard that applies to our business.

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