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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling 

With it being midway into summer, there are still plenty of families scrambling around working to finalize their last-minute itineraries. You may already have your entire schedule mapped out or you may just plan on playing the whole situation by ear. Whatever your plans are, the last thing you probably expect to encounter is the bed bug. Unfortunately, this is a real possibility with the current state of the hospitality industry. Bed bugs are relentless insects, and it only pays to know how to safeguard your family during what should be fun times.

Utilizing The Internet

You don’t need anyone telling you that the Internet is a powerful tool. It’s probably how you planned your entire trip. Either way, you can use this all-powerful tool to check and see if the hotel has had any recent reports. You can guarantee any sighting will have been previously reported. Of course, this only works if you already know where you are going to stay.

Pack Properly And Utilize The Tools Available To You

There are all kinds of and luggage options available. Choosing one with a quality seal can go a long way to keeping unwanted guests out. Even if these creepy crawlers manage to make their way to your bags, a good quality seal will keep them out of your clothes. Another good tactic is to utilize the hotel’s luggage racks. Every hotel usually has one or two elevated luggage racks installed several feet from the floor. Placing your belongings on these racks while searching the room will only increase your odds of going home pest-free.

Bed bugs are witty pests and will do whatever they can to avoid detection. Elevating your items so far up will make the effort too risky and great for the bedbugs.

Knowing Where To Search

Speaking of elevating your luggage, this will give you a prime opportunity to scour the room. While your luggage is safe and out of harm’s way, you should be able to properly scour the room. There is nothing wrong with a good visual inspection, but you certainly don’t want to end your efforts there. You want to make sure you always do a thorough physical inspection. Even if you are spending upwards of $200 a night, it still pays to be thorough when it comes to these invaders. There have been plenty of reported sightings of these troublesome pests in some of the most expensive and reputable resorts.

With this in mind, this part of the process will be smoother and more thorough if you know exactly where and how to search. Utilizing tools like a flashlight won’t hurt. Familiarize yourself with the bedbug’s favorite known hiding spots.

Stay Diligent

Just because you’ve been in the room for a week and haven’t experienced any strange signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean all is well. These bugs are witty and will creep around the premises, trying to remain out of sight. It’s possible there’s a full-blown infestation and you just don’t know it. Therefore, it pays to be diligent throughout your stay. Make sure you are continually scouring the room while keeping your eyes peeled.

In addition to this, you’ll want to practice even more caution before heading back home. Whether you’ve unpacked your belongings or not, you’ll want to give them a thorough once over before heading home. Unfold them, shake them out, and do whatever is necessary to make sure they are free of anything unwanted. Even do this with your newly purchased items

Full Laundry Cycle!

Even upon your arrival home, it still does not mean that your worries are over. You are almost home-free, but you’ll need to practice a little more due diligence. What you’ll want to do now is run the clothes through a washing and drying cycle. Wash your vacation clothes in hot water followed by a drying cycle on the highest heat settings possible. This heat should eradicate all stages of the bedbugs.

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