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Lady Bugs

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Professional Lady Bug Pest Control Winnipeg MB

Thousands of ladybug sightings are reported across Winnipeg, beginning in mid-spring. This is when the overwintering pest wakes up from a deep sleep that tided it over the winter. There is no doubt, winter is the harshest season for insects and animals. It is when food and water a scarce, if nonexistent. Overwintering is a naturally occurring process that impacts hundreds, if not thousands of insect species across the globe.

One specific overwintering pest that comes to mind is the ladybug, which is only a few millimeters long. The insect’s most unique features are its thinly shelled wings, which just happen to be a shell. Not the same shell of a tortoise, but a thin shell that covers the insect’s wings and back. The shell ranges between yellow, red, and orange, all of which are layered with pinpoint-sized black polka dots. Once you are able to identify the ladybug, you will always be able to identify the insect species.

Why Is My Winnipeg Property Being Invaded By Ladybugs?

This is a fairly simple question. The first thing to remember is the current season. Is it winter? Or is it fall, spring, or summer? Ladybug activity is at its highest in the late fall and early spring. Why? Well, it basically has to do with overwintering, which begins at the onset of the winter season and ends in mid- or late spring. In the late fall, ladybugs begin to prepare for overwintering. How do ladybugs prepare for the naturally occurring process? No matter what, overwintering will occur. It is a process that cannot be avoided because it occurs naturally. With this out of the way, overwintering does not offer 100 percent protection from predatory insects and animals or the harsh winter climate. This is where preparation comes into play. And where it is extremely important.

Ladybugs like most overwintering pests prefer overwintering indoors because it offers, in most cases, warmth and safety. When overwintering ladybugs spend the winter indoors, they are away from the dangers of predatory pests and animals. Plus, they are not exposed to frigid low temperatures, winds, blowing snow, and icy winds.

Are Ladybugs Dangerous To Humans?

Certainly not, ladybugs have not been scientifically connected to diseases or parasites. The insect is classified as a “nuisance pest”, not a disease-spreading pest. However, this does not necessarily mean humans are open to sharing their homes with ladybugs. In fact, no one invites ladybugs into their homes. They just happen to find their way into your homes.

The ladybug’s most intrusive feature is its pyridine secretion, which is nothing more than a safety mechanism. Pyridine is an “N-heterocyclic compound, in this case, produced by the ladybug’s glands. The ladybug emits its pyridine secretion when injured and under threat. Not only does pyridine have an obtrusive odor but also staining agents that are known to leave a disastrous mess behind, after the ladybug has taken its leave.

What Is The Most Effective Ladybug Pest Management Method?

It is a good thing you asked because there is no single method guaranteed to deliver 100 percent eradication of ladybugs. Therefore, our licensed exterminators opt to utilize combinational pest control treatments to eradicate ladybugs and other overwintering pests. We combine what we classify as one of the most potent pesticides with adhesive traps and routine home inspections. These combinational treatments are also implemented in commercial and industrial ladybug infestation cases.

Visual inspections of the impacted home are a necessity right from the get-go and to the very end of the pest control process. The initial inspection is to determine if the property is truly infested with ladybugs. The post-treatment or final inspection is to validate the true effectiveness of the pest control treatment.

Does The CDC Monitor Ladybug Pesticide Manufacturing In The United States?

Yes, the Centers for Disease Control “CDC” oversees the production of all pest control products within US borders. Why? First, and foremost, pest control products contain synthetic chemicals that pose environmental risks. Overseeing the production of pesticides and insecticides allows the agency to minimize these risks. In the meantime, manufacturers are doing their part by providing consumers with important recommendations that should be followed to a tee.

How Long Does It Take To Process A Ladybug Inspection Request?

Our qualified customer support team can process a pest control service request within 24 and 48 hours. This time frame is limited to service requests submitted Monday through Friday and the off-season for ladybugs. As previously mentioned, ladybug activity is at its highest in the late fall and mid-to-late spring seasons.

What Is The Most Recommended Ladybug Prevention Solution?

Again, there is no single prevention method that will offer 100 percent protection against ladybug infiltration. We will work with you and other occupants to devise a custom prevention strategy that is guaranteed to help you maintain a ladybug-free home.

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