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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

It is always ideal to start eliminating bed bugs as early as possible. This probably seems like common sense to most people. However, if that statement is so obvious, why aren’t more homeowners trying to eliminate bed bugs as soon as they discover they have a problem? This is because there is a major problem with that statement. The problem is low-level infestations are much more challenging to find and accurately identify. Bed bugs are not only commonly mistaken for insects like carpet beetles and cockroaches, but these creepy crawlers go out of their way to avoid detection. To confirm and properly identify a bed bug infestation one almost needs to know exactly where to look.

Common Hiding Places For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are opportune pests. They will take up residence just about anywhere when given the chance. However, there are some places they prefer more than others. There are important reasons for this. And knowing those reasons will only further your education while also helping with your detection and elimination efforts. These are the things you’ll learn about below along with common hiding spots.

Box Springs And Mattresses

Of all the hiding spots in the home, it is the mattress and box springs that the bed bug prefers above all else. This should explain a lot about the pest’s name. That aside, this parasitic invader prefers these locations because they provide quick and sometimes easy access to their food source, which is you. In addition to this, the bugs are attracted to body heat, expelled CO2, and kairomones.

Cracks And Crevices Of The Bed Frame

As was mentioned above, the bed bug possesses an innate ability to hide just about anywhere, including some of the tiniest cracks and crevices. Wood is a naturally beautiful and popular building material. A lot of furniture, including beds is constructed from this material. The only problem is it naturally cracks, warps, and bows. While this does add to its overall appeal, the cracking creates hiding spots for unwanted invaders like the bed bug. These hiding spaces also offer quick and easy access to their food source but offer more security. Along with checking the cracks and crevices in the head and footboards, you’ll also want to check all the potential gaps and openings.


It would not be uncommon to find bed bugs in your sheets. They are already on your mattress and box springs. A trip to your sheets is just a hop and a skip away. This location offers the bugs the same quick and easy access to the host. However, it does offer you one benefit. It’s always much easier to see a bug just lying on top of the sheets, rather than trying to dig one out of a crack or from under the mattress.

Rugs And Carpets

Rugs and carpets are not usually a huge favorite of these unwanted guests. However, these locations do offer a quick and temporary hiding spot after quickly unlatching from the host.\

Couches And Upholstered Furniture

How many nightmarish stories have you heard about people buying used furniture only to later discover there infested with bed bugs? Unfortunately, this is more common than you’d imagine. Couches and furniture are sometimes installed in bedrooms, making them a good home for these invaders. With this in mind, it is the plethora of hiding locations offered by these items that the bugs prefer. Just think of all the potentials. They can get under the cushions, in the padding, deep in the armrests, behind the legs, and the list could go on.

Surprising Hiding Locations

There are also plenty of locations in and around your property these invaders will call home that you’d never think to look. Knowing these locations could make all the difference.


More and more people are bringing bed bugs back with them from vacation. This is something no one ever wants to experience, but it’s an unfortunate possibility. Part of the reason for this is because luggage and suitcases make the perfect living environment for the bugs. These pieces are dark, secure, and offer warmth, safety, and discretion.

Wall Decorations

Unfortunately, those beautiful wall decorations that really tie your room together could be providing the perfect living environment for these invaders as well. That photo of your family hanging above your bed. It could be full of bugs.


The same goes for your favorite reading material. No one wants to sit down to enjoy a few pages only to have bed bugs jump out at them. However, these bugs prefer the spine and front covers as opposed to the pages. These locations offer them a more secure and darker environment.

Bedside Table

The bedside table is like any piece of bedroom furniture, given the fact it offers access to hundreds of safe and secure hiding spots. The fact that these pieces are commonly found in the bedroom doesn’t help either. When checking for bed bugs in these pieces, you’ll want to make sure you scour every crack and crevice. To access these hard-to-reach locations make sure to utilize a powerful vacuum cleaner. The suction will pull them right out.


What home today isn’t filled with a vastitude of electronics? All homes have computers, TVs, and iPods at the least. Unfortunately, these all make great hiding locations for these pests. They shove their tiny, credit card-like bodies in between the electrical components seeking the heat from the motherboards. With the potential to cause damage and electrical shortages, these are the last places in the home you want these invaders seeking refuge.

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